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Various types of varnishes

Modern boats and vessels are usually made of fiber. But the surface of the boat is made of wood. And the reason we varnish these areas remains the same protection. The reason for varnishing any wood is to protect it from the sun and Saltwater

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Best Paint for Fiberglass Boat

10 Best Paint for Fiberglass Boat reviews [2020]

Buying the best paint for a fiberglass boat can be somewhat confusing, right? Especially where there are a lot of colors out there in the market.However, if you know your stuff and understand what you are looking for, buying the paint may be more comfortable.

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Best antifouling paint; antifouling paint; Best boat paint; best marine paints;

Choosing the best antifouling paint for your boat

Do you know about the worst enemy of your beloved boat? Well, it’s not the windy thunderstorm or sharp rocks on the water. The arch-nemesis of your boat is the marine organism that decreases your boat’s performance and durability. Therefore, to prevent this disaster, you

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Topside boat painting tips

Topside Boat Painting| Step by Step how to paint

Topside boat painting tips are essential for applying paint, and to increase the durability of a boat. To paint the topside of your boat, you have to know some essential tips. If you cannot understand the tips before painting, your performance will be uneven, and

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