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The Best Marine Coolers | Great accompaniment to your boating

Buying the best marine cooler can be rather confusing, right? Especially where there are a plethora of cooler out there in the market. However, if you actually know your stuff and understand what you are looking for, buying the cooler may be easier.

First, you’ll have to determine for what purpose you want to purchase the cooler and then choose one that will serve that purpose the best.

This article will provide you with a list of 10 best marine coolers for use on your vessel. It doesn’t matter whether you are an newbie or expert user.

All of these 10 coolers can serve your purpose smoothly. So, there is no need to get confused seeing hundreds of coolers in the market as you are guaranteed to get the best one if you follow my guide.

What is a marine cooler?

The producers make Marine coolers to take the extreme conditions of boating. They can resist rust, handle the sleepy condition and protect ultraviolet ray. Regular coolers cannot offer so much advantage that a marine cooler can offer.

Some marine cooler also have a commercial grade gasket lid to keep the hot summer heat out. In fact, the manufacturers design marine coolers, especially for outdoor use, to adjust all weather conditions on land and water.

Moreover, marine coolers possess a stronger exterior that can undergo special treatments to withstand odors. So, you can store your fresh fish inside the marine cooler and use it next or next to the next day. In this situation, that won’t create any fishy smell.

The structure of marine coolers is stronger than standard coolers and has an excellent insulation feature wherein both the premium and cheaper models can keep your chilled items cool.

Difference between a marine vs. regular cooler?

In fact, marine coolers are different from regular coolers in some ways. Marine coolers can undergo harsher conditions than a regular cooler. You can usually use them for going to the beach for a couple of hours or for keeping beer cold during your excursions.

Marine coolers are often kept out in the sun all day, exposed to salty seawater, bumped, and bashed around on the boat. Ideally, they also need to be non-slip and having the ability to freeze the fresh fish caught during the trip.

Moreover, marine coolers have better ice-retention and strong insulation than regular coolers, which keep the contents of your cooler cold and fresh for a long time.

You can typically keep the marine coolers out in the sun for a long time and even all day long. You can even expose it to the salty seawater and bump and bash around the boat. Naturally, they it should be non-slip and have the ability to freeze the fresh fish caught during the trip.

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10 best marine coolers reviews with buying guide [2021]

The manufacturers generally make marine coolers different from regular coolers and add extra features that are essential for marine use.

Here are 10 best marine coolers you can choose from to use. So, let’s get started with our review.

Igloo Marine Ultra Quantum 52 Qt. Roller Cooler


Igloo Marine Ultra Quantum 52 Qt. Roller Cooler

Key Feature 

  • UV inhibitors Non-slip, comfort grip
  • Stainless steel built latch
  • Hinges made with Riteflex resin
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel built lid

Our product Igloo Marine Ultra Coolers, is capable of counteracting the wet, harsh environments on the boat to keep your goods safe. It has UV inhibitor and Infrared technology that safeguard the cooler against sun damage.

lgloo marine has 54-quart space inside it that's a lot to contain your drinks and snacks to enjoy (or your catch of that day) cold and fresh. It's easy to handle even in moist because of its non-slip, comfortable grip, and swing up handles.

It has stainless steel built hybrid latch in the hinge area while plastic in the snap area that assures a secure closure and longer life. The hinges are Rite flex resin built. That gives it an impactful resistance, high flexibility, and adds resistance against temperature and chemical.

It also has stainless steel built lid strap and screws that make it rust-resistance to survive in ultimate harsh marine conditions. Lastly, it has a stain and odor-resistant liner.

2. Coleman Cooler | Steel-Belted Cooler Keeps Ice Up to 4 Days |


Coleman Cooler Steel-Belted Cooler Keeps Ice Up to 4 Days

Key Feature 

  • Ice Retention (4 Days)
  • 85 Can Capacity
  • 54 Quart Capacity
  • 16.9 Pounds in Weight

We, Coleman Cooler, offer you the best steel-belted cooler with a reasonable price that offers premium features. Our expert designs our steel-belted cooler to give you a combination of the features and give you memorable camping, BBQs, tailgating & outdoor activities. 

Its high profile charming retro design, heavy-duty features assure its long life and to make memories with you. Its premium insulation ensures to keep ice up to 4 days in temperatures as high as 90°F. It has a capacity of 54-Quart with an Interior dimension of 20 3/4“ of width, 13 3/4” of height, 12 7/8” of depth that is enough to accommodate up to 85 cans.

Its body and hardware are rust-resistant stainless steel built that dedicates throughout the years of performance. It has a weight of 16.9 pounds that makes it lightweight. To make your travel easy, it features comfort and easy grip able steel made handle that helps easy, controlled lifting and carrying.

3. Igloo BMX Family with Cool Riser Technology, Fish Ruler, and Tie-Down Points


Igloo BMX Family with Cool Riser Technology

Key Feature 

  • UV Inhibitors
  • Rust-resistant
  • Heavy Duty Blow-molded Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Rubberized T-grip latches

Igloo BMX Family is capable of giving you the best, overbuilt coolers you'll find in the market at a reasonable price. It comes with cool riser technology, a fish ruler, and tie-down points. It has a heavy strength and gives you maximum protection due to its heavy-duty blow-molded construction with a reinforced base. 

It also has UV inhibitors that protect the cooler against sun damage and ensures its long life. It's extremely durable yet lightweight, that helps for easy caring. It's also rust-resistant, stainless-steel built hinge rods and hardware that dedicates to its extended performance. Its rubberized T-grip latches keep its lid secure.

The best thing is that you'll get up to 4 to 5 days of ice restoration by the cooler. It offers an interior design from top to bottom 12", Width of 12.75" and length of 20.75, ensuring its good capacitance. We pour our endless efforts to give our best so that you can have memories of our product.

4. RTIC Ice Chest Hard Cooler, Heavy Duty Rubber Latches, 3 Inch Insulated Walls, 45 Quart


RTIC Ice Chest Hard Cooler, 3 Inch Insulated Walls

Key Feature 

  • Keep Ice Up To 10 Days
  • Bear Resistant
  • Rapid V-Drain System
  • Heavy Duty Rubber T Latches
  • Non-Slip Feet

RTIC Ice Chest Hard Cooler is the best cooler in the market for any occasion, from barbecue to fishing trip or campout. Its roto-molded construction that is virtually indestructible and, a freezer-grade gasket will store all your necessities with ease. 

To make your long trip easy, we offer up to 3" of insulated walls. It keeps ice for up to 10 days to give you a tension-free occasion with a lot of memories. It offers no-fail hinges, no sweat exterior, cool lift design, molded side handles, and tie-downs that's what it needs to be. It has heavy-duty rubber T-latches to ensure smooth, trouble-free closure. Its rapid V-Drain system allows you a quick draining.

It also has non-slip feet to keep your cooler safe and, it's bear-resistant. The best thing is that you'll get this overbuilt cooler that's not overpriced. We also care about our customers so; if you have an issue with your product, let us know.

5. Coleman 70-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler, Blue


Coleman 70-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty

Key Feature 

  • Keep Ice Up To 10 Days
  • Bear Resistant
  • Rapid V-Drain System
  • Heavy Duty Rubber T Latches
  • Non-Slip Feet

Our product Coleman 70-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler is capable of counteracting the wet, harsh environments on the boat to keep your goods safe. It has insulated lids and its insulated wall that Keeps ice for up to 5 days at temps up to 90°F. It has a dimension of 29 inches in length, 15.75 inches of width, and 18.25 inches of height that accommodates up to 100 cans. 

It also has molded cup holders on top of the lid to keep drinks close and prevent spilling. Its drain channel is leak-resistant that lets you remove excess water without tilting the cooler. Its overbuilt body can have lid supports up to 250 pounds so, you always have a place to sit and rest. We make caring easy and pinch-free by adding comfort-grip no-crush handles.

It has the EZ-Clean lid wipes clean easily, making cleanup a breeze. It's USA made. Most importantly, we care about the environment. So, we built it with low CO2 insulation for reduced carbon emissions from foam manufacturing.

6. Igloo 120 Quart Polar Extra Large Insulated Portable Ice Chest Beverage Cooler


Igloo Polar Cooler Family

Key Feature 

  • 5 Days of Ice Restoration
  • Swing-up Lid Latches Handles
  • Ultratherm Insulated Body and Lid
  • Threaded Drain Plug
  • Holds 188 12 Oz. Cans

Igloo 120 Quart Polar Extra Large Insulated Portable Ice Chest Beverage Cooler is one of the best cooler brands you'll get in the market so far. Its Reinforced swing-up handles with tie-down loop feature make handling very easy. It has exterior dimensions of 38.31 inches in length, 17.38 inches of width, and 17.75 inches of depth. 

It's 34.69 inches in length, 14.88 inches of width, and 13.25 inches of depth from the top and 33 inches of length, 13.25 inches of width, and 13.25 inches of depth from the bottom. Its large dimensions vanish all your tension regarding carrying enough goods that offer up to accommodation of 188 cans.

Its dual snap-fit latches secure lid closure. It offers a threaded drain plug for hose hook up and easy draining. The best thing is that its ultra-therm insulated body and lid keep ice for five days at 90° F, so you can have a long trip without worrying too much. It has a weight of 18.21 Pounds that makes it easier to carry also. 

7. Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler with Wheels, Blue


Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler with Wheels

Key Feature 

  • Ice Restoration of 5 days
  • 100 Quarts
  • Holds 160 Cans
  • Have-A-Seat Lid
  • Built-In Cup Holders and Heavy-Duty Wheels

Colman manufacturer’s coolers are built to counteract the wet, harsh environments on the boat to keep your goods safe. It is built to keeps ice up to 5 days at temps up to 90°F because of its insulated lid and extra insulation in walls. It offers heavy-duty wheels for easy and reliable transport. 

The item has a dimension of 36.5 inches in length, 16.75 inches of width, and 17.19 inches of depth that easily accommodates up to 160 cans. It also has molded cup holders on top of the lid to keep drinks close and prevent spilling. Its leak-resistant channel drain lets you remove excess water without tilting the cooler.

It supports up to 250 Pounds so, you have a place to sit and rest for its heavily built structure. We make caring easy and pinch-free by adding comfort-grip no-crush handles. It has the EZ-Clean lid wipes clean easily, making cleanup a breeze.

It's the USA made. Most importantly, we care about the environment. So, we built it with low CO2 insulation for reduced carbon emissions from foam manufacturing.

8. Pelican Elite 30 Cooler Quart Outdoor recreation product


Pelican Elite 30 Cooler Quart Outdoor recreation product

Key Feature 

  • Extreme ice retention
  • Press & Pull Latches
  • Non-Skid & Non-Marking Raised Feet
  • Molded-In Lock Hasp, Stainless Steel Plate
  • Integrated Cup Holders

Our product, Pelican 30 Quart Elite Cooler, features the premium qualities to give you the best experiences. It has a capacity of 30 quarts of internal volume. It is capable of extreme ice retention because of its 2 inches of polyurethane insulation with a 360-degree freezer-grade gasket. 

Its over-molded carry handle makes your caring easier. To secure your goods, we offer 3-inch locking latches. Its reinforced lockable hasp, stainless steel bottle opener, anti-shear hinge system, molded-in tie-down slots make it overbuilt for any use. Its overbuilt structure ensures its long life.

It also features 4 self-draining cup holders to keep drinks handy and avoid spills and non-marking raised non-skid rubber feet to keep your cooler in place. Our cooler is made in USA. The best thing of our product is that it Includes Pelican's legendary lifetime guarantee "you break it, we replace it. Enjoy Forever!"

9. YETI Tundra 45 Cooler


YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

Key Feature 

  • T-Rex Lid Latches constructed
  • The capacity of 26 cans
  • Permafrost Insulation
  • Bear-Resistant
  • Rotomolded Construction

Our YETI Tundra 45 Cooler gives you the best experience regarding cooler. It has a capacity of up to 26 cans with a recommended 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio. Due to the use of 3 inches of PermaFrost Insulation and an extra thick FatWall design, it makes sure your ice stays ice. It also has Bear-Resistant certification. 

Its Rotomolded Construction makes it armored to the core and virtually indestructible. So, you can take it anywhere because its portable cooler’s sturdy construction will stand up to the journey's difficulties. The Tundra 45 has dimensions of 25 and 3/4th inches in length, 16 and 1/8th inches in width, and 15 3/8th inches in height that ensures good accommodation.

It also has an empty weight of 23 lbs like our all models that come standard with one dry goods basket. Our all Tundra coolers feature T-Rex Lid Latches constructed of heavy-duty rubber for extra durability.

10. CreekKooler Floating Cooler, Tow on Rivers and Lakes with Canoe or Kayak, 30 Quart


CreekKooler Floating Cooler, Kayak, 30 Quart

Key Feature 

  • Floatable
  • 30 Quart Capacity
  • Towable
  • Insulated Design
  • Offers Dray Storage

We, The CreekKooler Floating Cooler pour our endless efforts and hours to take your adventurous life a level ahead. Our cooler is floatable so, you can save space in your small watercraft. It's also towable, making it float in the water or drag across the dry ground for easy caring. 

It has two inches of insulation injecting into the hull and deck by giving CreekKooler an ice retention capability of up to 48 hours. It also has four drink holders located on deck to hold your drink safe. It's 8.16 Kilograms in weight, makes it easy to carry wherever you decide to take it.

Its watertight technique makes it very useful while traveling, the locking lid system makes it secure storage on the water or in the snow. It has a dimension of 39.5 inches in length, 21 inches in width, and 12 inches in height that makes it very accommodating. Its dual-wall, blow-molded construction ensures its long life.

What to Look for When Buy a Marine Cooler (Buying Guide)

Storage Size

Storage size is an important factor in the case of marine coolers. If you want to store approximately 50 quarts of items, you will need a large marine cooler. Besides, you may need a smaller marine cooler that has partitions for chilled and non-chilled items.

To be frank, it is wise to choose a marine cooler that serves a dual purpose. Moreover, you should keep in mind that the storage items with odd shapes may not be suitable for you. If you want to store large items, you have to choose the large one that can capacitate your items.

Cooler Size

Size is one of the most important matters in sphere of marine coolers. Typically, most of the regular coolers are bulky in sizes which makes them excessively heavy and difficult to transport and store. Imagine you want to fit a regular bulky cooler inside your car’s trunk, I think you will find it almost impossible to close your car’s trunk. 

So, you need to choose such a cooler that will suit for your car’s capacity.


The manufacturers use different materials to produce various marine coolers like the yeti marine coolers or boat ice chest coolers. I am going to make it easy for you to choose the right one for your convenience.


Plastic is the most common type of materials used by manufacturers for producing coolers. It is because plastic is durable, lightweight, waterproof, and cheap, and has much efficient insulation characteristics.

You may find different marine cool brands in the market made of plastic, which is not the same. Some marine coolers made on high-end coolers claim to have multiple lining of plastic material. On the other hand, some other cheaper models only have a single lining. 

If you desire to select a cooler made of plastic, you have to be prepared to deal with its weakness, such as less longevity than marine coolers made from metal.


Now a day, we find a few marine coolers built with metal walls. The producers mostly use metal on coolers on the hardware itself, handles, hinges, and zippers. At present, we find marine grade cooler to have metal zippers.

Only the premium and branded coolers possess the metal hardware nowadays. Though the price of a marine cooler made of metal is higher than a plastic cooler, it has longer durability and appealing beauty.


Coolers made of fabrics are commonly referred to as soft-sided coolers among the fishing coolers. Based on the type of fabric used for the exterior lining may vary. We also rate the fabrics depending on the strength, performance, level of insulation, and waterproofing.

If you want to purchase a cheaper fabric cooler, you have to keep in mind that it may get damaged or tear out quickly compared to a premium branded cooler like Engel Marine Cooler.

If you prefer to buy a cooler made of fabric, you have to select a trusted high-end brand and check the type of fabrics used. In this case, you can choose a nylon intertwined fabric that is highly durable.


Rubber-made marine coolers have superior thermal retention that keeps food, beverage, and other cold and fresh items. It has extra thick insulation that keeps ice up to 7.5 days at 90-Degree F. Personal cooler is easy to carry because it had a top swing handle.

Moreover, the lunch cooler is easy to clean and resists stains and bad smells. Generally, a small cooler can hold 6 cans plus ice. On the other hand, a large size cooler can accommodate either 250-Pound of fish with 30-Pound of ice or 252 cans plus ice.

You can easily clean the liner of the rubber cooler. The eminent manufacturers in the USA produce rubber coolers since 80 years. It is a type of high-quality products that simplify the lives of people.

Carrying Method

You should pay close attention in the sphere of carrying and transportation when you search for a cooler. Even a branded boat cooler becomes heavily loaded with ice and other foodstuff what is difficult to carry or transport. 

There is some of the common carrying and transportation methods used on coolers stated below.

Side handles

It is one of the most common carrying methods available on coolers, either it is a marine cooler with a cushion or rubber cooler. The manufacturers use these sides’ handles on both side of the cooler so that two people can easily carry or handle them.

The producers may set pivoting plastic handles or mold as built-in cavities on both sides' cooler’s body.

Lid handle

A lid handle is normally a single handle found on the lid of a cooler. It is an ideal one for a single person to carry the cooler by one hand while walking. Actually, lid handle is not as durable as other carrying methods and the manufacturers typically use it on small coolers.

Shoulder strap

It is also a type of carrying method what is handy on coolers. We generally find this type of strap on the smaller coolers. A person can easily carry a small cooler using the shoulder strap, whereas both the hands remain free and can carry other items by hand.

We naturally find shoulder strap on the soft-sided coolers. 


We generally find wheels on the big and hard-sided coolers. This type of marine cooler has more mobility and you can easily move with a loaded cooler. Moreover, its capacity is good enough and suitable for a good number of people. However, having wheels on coolers can be quite difficult if you walk through territory or higher grounds.

Insulation Ability

Every cooler should have effective insulation, that is, it should be able to store and retain the temperature of chilled or cold items. For your special advantages I will provide you some information what you should consider to be the insulation ability of coolers:

Service life

It is hardly possible to find any cooler that will last for a lifetime. However, those that have quality assurance and stronger than cheaper coolers can provide a good number of years of service.

When you choose a cooler from different brands of coolers, you should check on the materials used. For example, we can ensure you that the metal hardware cooler will last longer than a plastic or soft-sided cooler.


Waterproofing ability is one of the most important features for a cooler. We generally know that coolers of any size, type, or brand undergo a large amount of water, creating melted ice or unforeseen water such as heavy rainfall. So,

When you are going to buy a marine cooler, you should consider if it has a waterproofing feature. Actually, the waterproofing issue would not be a major problem with hard-sided coolers. 

External Storage

Without external storage, coolers owners have to deal with storage problems for non-chilled items like car keys, towels, wallets, and other personal stuff. I ensure you that you will not face this type of problem in the near future. You are going to find such a cooler that will prevent any of these incidents.

  • Occupy space is needed for items which need insulation.
  • Reduce the insulation ability of the cooler if you repeatedly open the lid to get these non-chilled items.
  • Chilled items may spoil because of melted ice.
  • Quick access to items may cause a problem because both chilled and non-chilled items are mixed together.

If it is your first purchase of a marine cooler, I suggest you consider one with external compartments for non-chilled items. Basically, the soft-sided coolers bear this common feature. Moreover, you can buy high-end hard-sided coolers to get it as an extra feature.

Overall looks

Some users may like to use coolers with cool designs. Suppose you want to use a stylish cooler representing your personality or favorite sports color. In that case, you have to check out the Coleman marine cooler review and learn about the availability of colored or patterned coolers found in the market.

What is the ideal size of a marine cooler?

Generally, a 40-quart cooler is suitable for three people on a day trip. But for a weekend campaigning trip for the same number of people, a 50- to 60-quart cooler is pretty nice.

It is better not to purchase an excessive large cooler as it causes difficulty to remove from one place to another. Moreover, tightly packed coolers keep food colder for a long time that takes a long time to come to normal temperature.

How to take care of your Air Cooler- A Complete Maintenance Guide

In most of the cases, air coolers go out of order because of dust particles accumulated over the years. You have to clean the dust. 

  • You have to store it in a safe place. 
  • You must check the wiring and insulation if those are perfect. 
  • Check frequently if the motor is in good condition.


How long does ice last in a cooler?

Generally, block ice used for food storage lasts for roughly 5-7 days in a well-insulated ice cooler, even in 90°+ weather. For a shorter cooling time, cubed ice works excellent. It lasts for approximately 1-2 days.

Which coolers keep ice the longest?

Here are our top choices coolers that have the longest ice life:

  • Grizzly
  • K2 Summit.
  • Pelican Elite.
  • Igloo Yukon Cold Locker.

· Yeti Tundra Series.

How much ice should I put in my cooler?

The ideal ratio is 2:1 to keep your content cool. Don’t load excessive food with just a little amount of ice on top to keep your food cool for a very long period. If you require, you can use a second cooler.

Final verdict

You know that there are a lot of people looking for the best marine cooler. That is why, I would like to provide you with all the necessary information so that you can make a good decision.

Whatever your purpose is, you should choose the right type of cooler to offer you full satisfaction in cooling activities. They may come up with different quality, color, price, and action.

But remember that all types of coolers cannot be equally suitable for your expected purposes. However, I have reviewed some of the best coolers available in the market, and I hope you will find the information helpful.

If you ever decide to purchase one of these coolers, it will help you decide which one would be suitable for you. If you find this information useful, please spread the good news with your family and friends in choosing a perfect one.

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